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Chestnut Brown Crown Topper
Chestnut Brown Crown TopperChestnut Brown Crown TopperChestnut Brown Crown Topper
R 3,690


The idea of ash blonde hair conjures images of sexy, outgoing women who love to laugh and always have a winning smile. These ladies have a light and carefree attitude, reminiscent of a perfect summer’s day at the beach. By enhancing your blonde locks with a fabulous set of FrontRow ash blonde crown topper, you’ll turn heads wherever you go – both in envy and admiration! 


  1. Takes seconds to install 
  2. Breathable mesh on scalp 
  3. Hair can be colored 
  4. Perfect hair loss solution 
  5. No damage to your own hair 

Length: 14 inches (35cm) 

Weight: 90grams 

Base Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm 

Clips: Stainless steel with silicone grip x 4

Type of hair: 100% Indian Remy Hair


1) Q – What is a Topper? 

A Topper is often referred to as a half-wig or a top-piece, however in most cases people will just call it a Topper. Basically a Topper is used to cover the top part of your head where thinning commonly occurs in women. The Topper attaches to your own hair with 4 snap-clips, and your own hair is worn underneath to supplement the hair on the Topper. This is a great solution for ladies with gradual hair loss, hair thinning or alopecia. 

2) Q – What is the quality of your hair? 

Our crown toppers are REMY hair, which is the highest grade of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all the follicles face the same direction. This helps your crown topper last longer and stay tangle free. 

3) Q – How do I choose a colour? 

Use our colour chart to choose the right colour for your hair. If you order the wrong color, HAKUNA MATATA! We will accept a return on all unopened items. A test piece will be sent in order for you to test the colour.If you haven’t quite decided what shade you want your hair and are in between shades, rather go with a lighter color option because it will be much easier and better for you to darken the crown topper with dye than to lighten it with bleach. We never recommend bleaching your hair extensions.We are also here to help, feel free to send us a recent photo from the back, taken in natural light with no filters. Email info@frontrow.co.za and our color experts will help you decide on the best colour option for you. 

4) Q – How long will my Crown Topper last? 

The lifespan of your crown topper will be very much dependant how you take care of it, heat style it and how often you wear it. Our estimate is anywhere from 3-4 months up to a year or more.To keep your crown topper in a good condition, we recommend avoiding excessive heat, excessive brushing, and excessive washing.

5) Q – How often should I wash my crown topper? 

In short, only when it is 100% necessary. You should aim to wash your topper every 2-4 months or when you start noticing build up and it becomes difficult to style. Since the hair is not attached to your scalp, it will not receive natural oils so you don’t need to wash it as often as you would your own hair. Use sulphate free shampoos/conditioners and stick to hydrating conditioners if possible. 

6) Q – What length is the crown topper hair extension? 

14inches long – 36cm. Remember you can also use our crown topper with our range of clip in extensions for additional length. 

7) Q – Can I colour my crown topper hair piece? 

Sometimes it will be necessary to deposit color to the extensions in order to achieve the perfect color match. In most cases dyeing the hair 2 shades darker is not a problem, but we recommend always doing a test strand first as the extensions will absorb color faster than normal hair. We strongly advise you to avoid bleaching the Crown Hair Extensions in any way, because the extensions have gone through extensive colour processing. FrontRow will not be held responsible or guarantee any results for any failed color attempts.


Free shipping in South Africa. The prices advertised on our website include shipping to anywhere in South Africa. 

Please note it takes 24 hours to process an order and your product will be shipped out within 1-2 working days. 

Estimated Delivery TimesAnywhere in South Africa: 1-5 business days


As long as you have not removed the extensions from the packaging and broken the security seal, you may return or exchange your extensions if you contact us within 7 days from their delivery date. Every set of FrontRow extensions is delivered with a test piece in order for you to check the colour. Return courier fees for customers account.



For blonde colours, we recommend dyeing the root area to match your own natural root colour. You can also use your face concealer and a small make-up brush on the breathable mesh to make it appear more natural.

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