Lace-front Wigs - My Alter Ego

Lace-front Wigs - My Alter Ego


We pride ourselves in producing the most REALISTIC human hair LACE-FRONT WIGS and hair pieces for hair loss or just for a change in style. Wear a wig while you grow out your pixie cut, while you transition from black to blonde hair colour or maybe you have lost your hair due to Chemotherapy or Alopecia?





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Below you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our wigs

What is Remy hair?

Remy is non-virgin hair that has been collected straight from a donor’s head. It is extremely high quality, 100% human hair: healthy, with all cuticles intact and all flowing in the same direction. It comes from a single donor. Our remy hair, is not virgin hair and has been treated to achieve a particular colour and texture.

What is virgin Remy hair?

Virgin Remy hair is 100% human hair that hasn’t been processed or chemically treated in any way, and has the cuticle intact. For this reason, it’s also known as cuticle hair – the cuticle protects the hair against damage. Virgin Remy hair can be dyed any colour or shade.

What is a lace front wig?

As the name suggests, lace front wigs have lace in the front of the wig only. The rest of the wig is made from netted wig cap fabric or similar materials. Lace front wigs create a completely undetectable look, as the lace front blends seamlessly with your skin and scalp to create a natural looking hairline. So, with a lace front wig, it looks like the hair is growing naturally from your scalp.

What is a full lace wig?

With a full lace wig, the entire wig cap is made from lace, and there’s also lace all around the edges of the wig. This means you can wear your hair in ponytails or up-dos and enjoy a completely natural look, as full lace wigs create an undetectable appearance once applied. This is great for creating ponytails when glued on.

Can my lace wig fall off?

No – if it’s applied correctly, it will stay firmly in place thanks to its adjustable straps and wig combs, which holds it securely in place on your head. You can also glue lace wigs to your scalp using special wig glue. If you’re worried that your wig may come off during sporting activities or swimming, you can sew it into your hair for added peace of mind, just like you would with a wefted wig.

Can I swim with a lace wig?

Yes, but as mentioned above, it’s recommended that you sew it into your hair to keep it secure. You can also wear a swimming cap to keep it in place and it is better to try and keep it out of the water. Remember that to keep your wig in good condition, you’ll need to treat it just like natural hair after you swim, as it could dry out.

What products should I use on my wig after swimming?

Treat your wig the same way you’d treat natural hair. That means using good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep it nourished, moisturised and manageable.  Using a good leave-in conditioner is especially important.

How long will my wig last?

This will depend on the quality of the wig you purchase, as well as how carefully you use it, and how well you maintain it. When treated with care, Remy hair and virgin hair can last up to 12 months. To help extend its lifespan, sleep with a hair net to help minimise tangling.

Can I straighten and/or curl my wig hair?

This depends on the type of hair used. If it’s real human hair, then yes, you can style it just as you would natural hair with flat irons, curling irons, etc. But remember, it can suffer the same kind of heat damage as real hair, so don’t overdo it. Synthetic wigs can’t be styled with heat tools, but they do come ready-styled.

How can I get the most natural look?

It’s always a good idea to get your wig customised for you by a professional. In fact, one of the best-kept wig secrets is having it styled on your head, to suit your features, to give you the most flattering and authentic look.

My wig is made from 100% human hair. What shampoo should I use?

Use any regular sulphate-free shampoo that you’d use on natural hair. Why sulphate-free? Because sulphates can strip your hair of oils, leading to drying and knots. When conditioning, remember to dilute your conditioner with water to avoid too much build-up.

How can I keep my wig clean?

Fill your basin with warm water and a dash of shampoo. Swirl your wig around in the water gently, then rinse thoroughly in clean, cool water. Shake it out and let it drip dry. Don’t brush or style it in any way while it’s wet, as the fibres are more delicate when wet and could easily become damaged.

Can I heat-style my wig as often as I want to?

This depends on the type of wig you have. If it’s 100% human hair, then yes! Go ahead and style it to your heart’s content. Just be sure to always read the instructions on the label, as certain types of hair can only withstand heat up to a particular temperature.

Will my lace front wig shed? 

Yes shedding is something we expect, especially before and during their first wash, it usually becomes less, but because they are sewn, not attached to your own head, they may shed more than your own hair.

Can I buy different kinds of wigs online at

Yes! It’s easy. Simply visit our online shop to browse and buy. You get delivery to your door, plus 7 days to return any items you’re not happy with, provided the packaging hasn’t been opened and the seal is unbroken.

How long will shipping take?

If you place your order before 1pm on a business day, you will in most cases receive it the very next business day. Delivery to outlying areas can take up to 5 business days. Orders placed after 1pm on a Friday will be dispatched the following Monday.