Crown Toppers-My Crowning Glory 


Crown Toppers-My Crowning Glory


Let your thinning hair be yesterday's problem. With every hair, hand-tied onto a breathable, scalp-like mesh, the "My Crowning Glory" Crown Topper, gives you a completely NATURAL LOOK when styled correctly.





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Below you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our crown topper extensions

What is a crown topper?

A crown topper is a type of hair extension or hair piece that’s commonly used by women with thinning hair or conditions like alopecia. It’s attached to the top of your head (your crown) where thinning most commonly occurs. It’s ideal for covering up this type of hair loss or thinning, and it’s attached in a similar way to normal hair extensions. People also call crown toppers half wigs or top pieces.

How do I attach the extensions to my own hair?

The extensions are clipped on top of the layers of your own hair using small snap clips. Our clips are equipped with a silicone strip so they won’t slip down your hair or damage it. 

How long will they take to put in?

The comb snap clips are easily clipped into your own hair, and once you have practiced a few times, they will take about 5 minutes to put in and only a few seconds to take out!

What type of hair are your crown toppers made out of?

They’re made from 100% Remy human hair - the highest quality hair available on the market. It is harvested directly from the donor’s head and has all its cuticles still intact - essential for maintaining softness, silkiness and the most natural looking appearance. Remy hair helps your hair piece to last longer and stay tangle free.

How long will my crown topper last?

This all depends on how well you care for it, how much heat styling it’s subjected to, and how often it’s worn. Your crown topper could last up to a year if you avoid excessive washing and heat use, and over-brushing. With heavy-duty use and styling, it could last three to four months.

How do I choose the right colour?

Easy! You can use our colour-matching service for help in finding the ideal shade to match your natural hair. Here’s how you do it:Get someone to take a photo of your hair from the backMake sure you take the photo in natural light, and don’t use any filtersEmail it to us at colour experts will review your photo and help identify the most appropriate colour matches for you. Plus, when you receive your crown topper, there’ll be a small tester piece attached to the packaging so you can double-check that it’s the right shade. This enables you to return your crown topper if you’re not entirely satisfied with the shade (remember, we only accept returns within 7 days, and only if the packaging is unopened and the seal unbroken).Tip: when deciding on your final shade, we recommend going with a lighter colour if you’re not 100% sure. You can always colour it to a darker shade if you need to, but it’s not recommended that you bleach your crown topper as this could damage it.

What makes "remy" hair so special? 

‘Remi’ or ‘Remy’ means ‘cuticle correct’, and that means that the hair used for our hair extensions is untreated and not previously coloured. The hair is carefully chosen and all the cuticles are aligned so that every strand runs in the right direction – that is, the direction it grows in from the scalp. By ensuring the cuticles all run downwards in the same direction, we are able to keep the hair shiny, soft and tangle free. Once the hair has been selected for the extensions, it goes through an advanced treatment process to colour and straighten it in the safest yet most effective way. If you see extensions labelled ‘silky’, this means the cuticle has been removed. Remy hair extensions have their cuticles still intact, and are therefore incredibly shiny and healthy-looking. They also will not become matted or tangled when worn for long periods. Not all sellers of clip in’s in South Africa offer authentic human hair, so be cautious of imitation products.

Why are my extensions wavy after washing? 

Our hair extensions are made from 100% Indian human hair and may have a slight wave and frizz in them after washing and blow drying or leaving them to dry naturally, you will need to style them using a heat defence serum and a hair straightener after washing to once again achieve a silky smooth finish.

How regularly should I wash my crown topper?

Because your crown topper isn’t attached to your scalp and won’t become naturally oily, you need to wash it far less than your natural hair. We recommend every two to four months, or when you notice excessive build-up and/or that it has become hard to style. Remember to use sulphate-free products and moisturising conditioners.

What are your clips made of? 

 Our clips are light-weight stainless steel with a secure rubber grip. The clips have a comb-like appearance and are simply combed into the hair and snapped shut.

How long are crown toppers?

They’re 36 centimetres long, and the great news is that if you want extra length, you can simply combine them with our range of clip-in hair extensions. In seconds you’ll have even more gorgeous length and volume.

Can I dye my crown topper?

In some cases, you will need to add colour to your crown topper to achieve a perfect, seamless match. Going one or two shades darker is usually not a problem - it’s bleaching that causes damage to hair extensions. So, when selecting your crown topper, always go a little lighter if you’re not sure of the shade, as you can dye it darker to match your natural shade. You can’t, however, bleach it to go lighter, without the risk of damaging it.FrontRow can’t be held responsible for any damage or discolouration that occurs as a result of lightening or darkening your crown topper. We also strongly advise colouring a small piece of your crown topper first, to see how intensely it absorbs colour.

Can I wash and blow dry my hair extensions? 

You can wash them with shampoo and conditioner and it is recommended that you use a treatment or hair mask to keep them looking healthy and shinier for longer. You should only need to wash your extensions after every 10 to 20 wears. You can blow-dry them, but try not to do this too often. Letting the hair extensions dry naturally will extend their lifespan.

Will my clip-in extensions shed? 

Yes shedding is something we expect, especially before and during their first wash, it usually becomes less. Each hair is hand tied onto the breathable scalp like mesh. 

How can I track my order? 

You will be notified once your order has been dispatched. The courier company will also contact you via SMS and email to let you know when your package will be delivered.

How long will shipping take?

If you place your order before 1pm on a business day, you will in most cases receive it the very next business day. Delivery to outlying areas can take up to 5 business days. Orders placed after 1pm on a Friday will be dispatched the following Monday.